Non Surgical Hair Restoration

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Cosmetic Skin or Hair Fixing is a non-surgical hair replacement procedure that guarantees the restoration of your appearance and gives you a full head of hair, regardless of your stage of hair loss. Enjoy the confidence of looking good again with the Cosmetic skin- hair fixing procedure.

Objectives of Non Surgical Hair Restoration

Cosmetic skin- hair fixing gives you a full head of hair with desired density across every square inch of your scalp.It gives you better hair volume and density than you were born with, thus giving you endless opportunities to experiment with new hairstyles.

Features of Procedure:

Fear less Lifestyle: The Cosmetic Skin we provide to our Clients gives you Fear Less Life Style as Clients can wear that skin 24hrs a day and it become part of your body.

Breathable: The Cosmetic Skin has little pores in it which make the skin breathable so there is no problem of Sweating or Itching.

Infusion: Hair are infused in the skin one by one which gives it a natural look unlike in wigs n weaving where hair are weaved in the skin.

Flexibility in Hair Styles: As hair are infused so one can keep any style of his choice and it gives bouncy look and flexibility in styles.

Human Virgin Hair: We use Human virgin hair whose cuticles are alive so it gives natural look not like in wigs / weaving where there is use of Animal/Synthetic/Processed hair.

Hair Line: Hair Line is the make or break of anyone looks so we provide hair line according to the Age, Face, Personality, Profession and Expectation.

Baby Hair: Naturally we have single hair in the front so we provide baby hair in our cosmetic skin to give undetectable looks.

Identical Hair: We take the hair sample of the Client then send to our lab to source the same identical hair in terms of wave, texture and Colour so it can merge with existing hair.

Density: Hair Density play a vital role in giving the Expected looks so we give density as per the requirement.

Method of Cosmetic skin- hair fixing Procedure

Creating cosmetic Skin is an Art so we take the measurements of the Client’s Bald Area of Scalp and hair sample then send it to lab. There they find the donor who has identical hair like Client’s. After that we fuse that hair one by one in the skin once the skin is created we receive the skin at our centre and then we merge the hair of the skin with the existing here of the Client and with the help of strips and medical adhesives infuses the skin on to Client’s Scalp.


Results are immediate as Client gets the Head full of Hair as per his Expectations. There is no pain or scar so no need of taking any medications after the procedure as well. Client gets the better hair than he born with.