Laser Skin Tightening

With age comes wisdom and so does the loose and saggy skin. The loss of young, firm, toned, and tightened skin is something that we miss as we age. What if we could have all the wisdom without the age showing on our face and skin? Yes, now it’s possible with our customised affordable skin tightening packages

Book an appointment from laser skin tightening treatments, surgery, therapy, clinics in Jalandhar and get co2 laser treatment for fair, glowing skin, laser skin. Laser Skin Treatment Providers in Jalandhar, Punjab. Get contact details and address of Laser Skin Treatment firms and companies in Jalandhar.Dr.Manjot’s Clinics has taken yet another step in bringing you the best and is delighted to offer two Syneron Candela laser with elase technology , the latest and most advanced radio frequency technology. Your worries about loose skin on face, sagging skin, drooping eyelids, and folds around the nose and neck can now rest in peace. This US FDA approved monopolar RF technology is an absolutely safe procedure which brings back your youthful firm skin and gives the perfect contour to your jaw line.

Monopolar radio frequency (RF) energy is a new and effective technology for non-surgical skin tightening. Intragen is the most advanced RF machine that can treat skin laxity by tightening.

Intragen RF Skin Tightening heats the dermis, thus stimulating skin collagen production and remodeling. This procedure immediately tightens the skin without giving away any tell-tale signs of the procedure. RF skin tightening is perfect treatment for loose and saggy skin on face and neck. It can impart young look to the face by reducing jowls and double chin, giving a definitive jaw line


The foremost benefit of skin tightening treatment is it brings back your youth-like skin again which is firm and toned. The many benefits of skin tightening are –

  • Smoothes out the creases on the faceand neck skin thus reducing your ageby years in an instant
  • Lifts loose or saggy skin effectively
  • Bid goodbye to wrinkles, fine lines, andeven frown lines
  • Corrects skin grooves to an extent byskin tightening
  • Improves skin texture and makes theskin soft and smooth
  • Helps to enhance your overallappearance and lift up your confidencelevel to new highs


Similar to all the cosmetic dermatology procedures, the Etwo skin tightening procedure starts with the initial comprehensive consultation by the expert cosmetic dermatologists. Post this, the client is assigned a personal service room where in the actual treatment takes place. The complete time taken is not more than an hour. The hand-piece of Etwo RF machine is glided over the loose and saggy skin areas. The complete treatment procedure is painless and doesn’t involve usage of any anesthesia or numbing cream.

One can see an immediate tightening followed by a delayed effect over the next 2-4 months. One would require maximum of three sessions per year (on average) followed by one or two sessions per year, for maintenance.