Hair Transplant For Women

Hair Transplant For Women in Jalandhar - Female pattern baldness is usually diagnosed based on the appearance and pattern of hair loss and by ruling out other causes of female hair loss.

It is not necessary that all causes that lead to hair loss among women require transplantation of hairs. Some cases are also such that hair loss is a natural part of the daily life and a regular hair loss isn’t something that a person should worry about. There can be a number of different reasons behind hair loss in females; in some cases the reasons can be temporary and in some other cases there can be permanent hair loss.

Although, you feel as though you are losing more hair than ordinary, this can be more critical. Much of the time male pattern baldness is brief and it will become back however it is imperative to get to the foundation of your male pattern baldness.

Causes Of Hair Loss In Women

Illness or emotion stress

Disease and stress can hugely affect your body, and one reaction you may see is shedding. If your body has had some kind of mental or physical trauma, your hair follicles stop their development stage and start to rest push being the most widely recognised. Once the follicles stop the development stage the hair will start to shed following a couple of months. In any case, if the pressure was to stop, the hair follicles will continue their common development stage and your hair will start to develop as original.

Hormone changes

In case your hormones change you may see a few changes to your hair also. Amid pregnancy hair frequently gets thicker because of the adjustment in your hormones. Be that as it may, once you have conceived an offspring, this can change again and you can begin to see over the top balding. This is a sort of male pattern baldness that after some time can come back to ordinary, once your hormones get back to normalcy. Hypothyroidism is an extremely normal reason for such hormonal male pattern baldness

Rapid weight loss and anaemia

Reducing the intake of your calorie very fast and losing weight at a fast pace can lead to hair loss too. This could be due to the changing your routine diet. A loss in specific vitamins and minerals can have a devastative effect on your hair. It is important to have a balanced eating regimen to help elevate hair development and to keep your current hair sound. Low iron content is the most widely recognised reason for male pattern baldness in ladies.


FEMALE PATTERNED HAIRLOSS - FUE method of hair transplant is one of the most popular & advanced hair loss, male or female pattern baldness treatments offered at drmanjotsclinic

Various types of hair loss are there that are more critical and might not go back. These types of patterned hair loss are also known as Female patterned androgenetic alopecia. Now, what is essential here to look at is that you need to find out the cause of your hair loss so that you can decide whether you have to look for a treatment or it is a natural gesture of your body and your hair will grow back again?

Many women think that hair transplant is only meant for men and not for them, but the reality says that there is no gender specific hair transplant procedure and hence, this process can be performed for both men and women. A transplant option is meant to restore the lost hair and the most important feature of your face can be recreated.

Following are some cases where a transplant can be done successfully in women:

  • Female design hair loss that has not hinted at change, even with general drug
  • Restoration of eyebrows and eyelashes
  • Scarring alopecia that has been steady for at least a year
  • Alopecia that is a consequences of an injury, consume or medical procedure
  • Traction alopecia

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