Eyebrow Restoration with Implanters


Eyebrow Restoration with Implanters

Introduction: Loss of the eyebrows can be due to various diseases, trauma or hereditary. Eyebrows play a major role in our expressions, hence restoration of the eyebrows not only improve the appearance but also the psychological well-being of patients.

Case Reports: We report 4 patients (age between 20-29 years) with loss of eyebrows, who were treated by follicular extraction method (FUE) and implantation by implanters. The grafts were harvested from the occipital area of the scalp in 2 patients and from the nape of the neck in 2patients. Only single hair follicles were selected to match the eyebrow hair. Nerve block was given and anaesthesia was instilled locally. Implantation was done with an implanter that helped to give direction, maintain the curvature and angle of the hair.  The number of grafts varied in each eyebrow depending on the existing density.

Additionally topical 5% minoxidil gel was advised twice daily. This helped therapeutically and physically as the gel component helped to shape the occasional unruly hair in the eyebrows. The result achieved in 6 months was extremely satisfying and acceptable to all the patients. No complication was reported in any of the patients.

Conclusion: Nape of the neck is the preferred site as the donor area, due to similar hair diameter as eyebrow hair.Use of FUE and implanters in eyebrow transplants give successful and patient friendly results. They result in minimal scaring in donor site and natural angle of eyebrows in recipient site.

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