Double Chin Reduction

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Double chin can be extremely frustrating to deal with and no amount of exercise can help reduce it since it is believed to be one of the most stubborn fats, similar to abdominal fat.

At Dr.Manjot’s clinic we combine injection lipolysis and laser lipolysis to substantially decrease the double chin fat.


The entire procedure is done in 6 sittings, 3 sittings of microinjections of fat dissolving drugs and injected into the double chin, this reduces the bulky loose fat under the skin. This is followed by 3 sittings of laser skin tightening to tighten the overlying skin and give an overall reduction in the appearance of the double chin

Post Procedure:

Mild burning sensation and swelling occurs in most of the patients for 2 days post injection lipolysis and can be resolved by gentle massaging and ice application

Laser lipolysis has no such downtime.