Chin Augmentation

Doctors for Chin Augmentation in Jalandhar. Find Doctors Near You, Book Doctor's Appointment, Consult Online, View Cost for Chin Augmentation in Jalandhar. Hospitals, clinics and plastic surgeons in Jalandhar, India performing Chin Augmentation Surgery. Cheek Cosmetic Surgery is required along with other cosmetic surgery procedures on face, nose, chin etc. Procedures are : Cheek filling augmentation.

Jaw and chin fillers dermal fillers injections

When you look in the mirror, do you see a slightly recessed chin or a weak jawline?

If you are a  suitable candidate for injectable volumising , you can essentially walk into our Clinic one day with a weak-looking chin or jawline, and walk out about an hour later with a stronger, more-celebrity-style lower face – all without much pain thanks to our super specialised celebrity doctor, Dr.Manjot.

Stronger jaw – new overall facial look!

If you have always felt your jawline or chin were ‘weak looking’ and envied other’s stronger jawlines, injectables could be an option to get you the jawline you want.

For the first time in a long time, you can feel great about yourself, especially if you’ve tended to fear the camera or side-on profile photographs!

What are Jawline Fillers?

Fillers are different types of injectable substances that are used to add volume to the face. For example, one of the injectable filler substances is an approved temporary-filler-solution. This substance draws water to itself and holds it in the tissues, thus adding volume to the face. It’s actually a natural substance found in the skin, too.

Dermal Fillers are frequently used for several areas of the face With facial ageing….

The cheekbone height can diminish as you go past the age of 40.

The mouth corners can start to droop around the 50’s.

The edge of the eyebrow in the temple area can appear hollow and sunken making the face appear thinner in this area than it used to be.

Injecting fillers can take 5- 10 years off the way you look!

How are Jaw Filler Injections Done in our Clinics?

The process of injectable jaw or chin enhancement is relatively straightforward.

Book an initial consultation with one of our Injecting Clinicians. They will take photographs of you to help explain the possible outcomes of the injectables.

If you like the sound of your new look with filler, and you’re a suitable candidate, then you can go ahead and  book your injecting session. (Sometimes the treatment can be done on the same day as your consult. If not, then your Injecting Clinician will schedule another suitable time)

The decision is yours to make.

How are your Jawline and Chin Reshaped?

At your appointment, your Injecting Clinician will take these steps to improve your jawline:

She will discuss with you where best to inject the filler for the ideal outcome for you. She will then decide which type of filler to use and the amount that will be needed and the costs involved.

Your Clinician will then cleanse the area.

She will then commence injection of the filler. The area of the injection MAY or may not be massaged to spread the filler around evenly – each Injecting Clinician has a specific strategy and is highly experienced to get you excellent results.

Your Injecting Clinician may take photos of you again, provide you with after-treatment instructions, and you’ll be ready to go back into your day or evening!

There may be redness or slight bruising in the area that was injected. It’s often ideal NOT to wear makeup right after a treatment, and avoid excessive exercise, drinking alcohol or too much caffeine.

Do dermal fillers for the jawline sound really interesting to you?

Are you excited about the possibility of having a stronger looking jawline or a more balanced chin as part of your facial profile?

With cosmetic injectables you can often:

  • create a stronger looking jawline
  • balance out your lower face
  • improve your front-on appearance
  • improve your side on profile (especially if you currently have a weak or noticeably recessed chin)
  • stop trying to hide your jawline or chin behind your hands or your facial hair (beards)

Dr.Manjot will also give you optimal post-treatment care advice. And of course, they use only top-quality approved temporary-filler-solution injecting substances. (You’ll want to be careful to avoid discount places that might be using fake or inferior injectables as they can be dangerous; and permanent fillers can lead to permanent problems).  Simply book an initial skin consultation with one of our Injectors and ask our Injecting Team about what might be best for your chin or jaw augmentation procedure.  They’ll be able to help you assess whether you’re a candidate for injections for minor chin and jawline strengthening or if you might be better off consulting a Plastic Surgeon for more significant augmentation through a surgical procedure. Although a truly recessed chin might require surgery to get an outcome you’ll be pleased with, many people have only minor recessed chins or slightly weak jawlines, and these can be quickly enhanced using cosmetic dermal injectables.