Anti- Pigmentation 360 Package

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This is a type of treatment which can be available only at Doctor Manjot’s Clinic. This is a package of ant pigmentation creams, sunscreens and chemical peels with excellent results from the first sitting itself. It’s an all-round treatment for pigmentation.

Medicines and sunscreens can also be provided with the treatment.Our specialized protocol helps decrease melanin pigmentation and our long acting peels help maintain this effect. This treatment can be recommended for six weeks.Your specialist may also recommend an additional skin product to maximise the effectiveness of your treatment

The detailed description about sitting, which is required to be taken, is mentioned below:

It includes three sitting in six weeks as suggested by our Doctor. Following three stages can be followed during treatment:

  • Microdermabrasion (skin polishing)
  • Hydra-detox with Vitamin C
  • Jessners peel (mid depth peel) or yellow peel (if oily skin)

Cost of Anti-Pigmentation 360 Package:

Cost required for this treatment is Nine Thousand only, depending on the type skin and peel used by the Doctor.