Know Your Chin Type?


Know Your Chin Type?

Have your ever seen someone and said, “Oh what a pretty chin!”? I guess not, because even though the chin is one of the make or break features of a face, we hardly pay an attention to it individually. A change in chin shape can change the ratios of the face and the face proportions and actually make a person look more appealing.

Changing the shape of your chin or making your jawline sharper is a very routinely done office procedure in my clinic.But before you decide what chin suits you the most, it’s important to identify the different chin types. To understand the types of chin and the one we perceive as the most beautiful, I have analysed chins of Bollywood actresses to make this more fun!

1. Heart shaped (pointed chin)- This is the most commonly demanded chin among females, it gives a feminine sleeker look to the entire face. Most noticeable in Deepika Padukone and Aishwarya Rai, among the Bollywood actresses. This chin helps the face look leaner and gives the sharpest features.


2. Square shaped- second most demanded chin shape. It is a unisex shape and can be present in men or women. Mostly men prefer such squared jawlines however few woman demand this jawline since it gives a more powerful heavier lower face. There is only actress who has the most classical squared chin- KareenaKapoor Khan. TaapseePannu is another actress with a strong square jawline.

3. Round chin- most common naturally occurring chin shape. A pointed chin normally turns into a rounded chin with age. Hence for an antiageing treatment we change the rounded chin back to a pointed chin and it takes a few years off your face. Madhuri Dixit had a round chin in her earlier photos (approx. 3-4 years back) and now in her recent photographs, it has changed to a pointed chin.

4. Long chin- rarely we see a long chin in the Indian population. It also helps in maintaining a strong jawline. Katrina Kaif and Sunny Leone are two actresses with a long chin, who I could recollect.


5. Weak or Receding chin- A small chin with a backward slant can alter the face shape. This occurs naturally with age in many men and women. It’s difficult to point out which actress has a receding chin in recent times,SussanneKhan has a weak chin but not receding.


6. Protruding chin- Usually a pointed or round chin with a forward slant can be seen as a protruding chin. This chin type protrudes till the level of the lips or occasionally further ahead. It can be appreciated in SonakshiSinha in a fewpics, especially the side profiles.


7. Dimpled Chin- A personal favourite of mine. Very characteristic look of a dent on the chin. This is a genetic character that is seen in families; however it can be created with dermal fillers very easily.Madhubala had the most characteristic dimpled chin, but was covered in most of her photographs with a dupatta or her hands. In recent times, Alia Bhatt and DiaMirza have a slight dimpled chin.

Augmenting the jawline and chin is a very simple procedure now a days, and done in less than an hour. Previously, Dermal fillers have been used extensively to augment cheeks and lips, and I have seen the change in trend. Most common indication demanded is Jawline reshaping.

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